Children's Workshops - 5th August

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Riddles in Verse (Suitable for Ages 8+)

Ankit Chadha

There are riddles in visuals, there are riddles in actions, and then there are riddles in verse. Ankit Chadha, the author of Amir Khusrau - The Man in Riddles, invites children with their elders to play along. Khusrau, the great poet of the 13th century, made songs out of the most banal experiences of life. Come, sing along these riddles that have been sung for the last 700 years.

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Discover the Poet in You Workshop (Suitable for Ages 9 to 14)

Ameen Haque

Who says children cannot be poets or that poetry is not everyone’s cup of tea? Come and listen to poetry written for children. And get started on your journey as a poet. Write some poems. Share with others. And listen to theirs. Come with a blank page, open mind and discover the poet within you.

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Performing Poetry for Children Workshop (Suitable for Ages 8+)

Ajey Preetham

Children will be exposed and taken into the world of poems, through theatre exercises, theatre games, stories etc The session will culminate in a performance by the children participants using a poem.

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Book your Treasure (Suitable for Ages 5+)

Aparna Jaishankar

In this 90 minute session, children will be treated to a treasure hunt around the venue. Clues will be in the form of age appropriate riddles, cryptic messages and more. Groups will be formed based on the age of the participants.

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Chham, Chham, Chham - Folktales and Rhymes from India (Suitable for Ages 5+)

Priya Muthukumar

This session focusses on weaving tales and traditional Indian rhymes together, highlighting the cultural richness of the two. Introducing the current generation to the stories and rhymes which were popular in the previous generation

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Bhaktas of Bharatadesa - Poets of Karnataka and their Lives (Suitable for Ages 5+)

Lavanya Prasad

An attempt to bring in the age old tradition of storytelling. Music and Movement, flourished during the earlier years and artists incorporated them in their stories to bring more clarity and understanding, some argue the other way as well. The stories shared will be centred around the poets of Karnataka and their lives.

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Aparna Raman is the founder and creative director of Timbuktoo Young Authors Publishing, a by kids for kids publishing platform for launching child authors. Timbuktoo has published over 55 authors across India ( Bangalore, Dehradun, Mumbai), Colombo, London, Singapore and most recently Hawaii, USA.Aparna conducts writing workshops across the country and will be taking her flagship event Authored by: to Sri Lanka for the second year running. She has spearheaded story initiatives such as The Culture Chronicles and the upcoming Storylines project about archiving personal family histories for Gen Y.Aparna studied Screenwriting in California, is a Kathalaya certified storyteller and was Accenture's keynote speaker at a pan India event, in 2015. Timbuktoo has had a presence at various Litfests including The Hindu Litfest, Bangalore, Bookaroo, Ahmedabad, Fully Booked, Mumbai and won the Sheroes Summit Grand Jury Award under B Plan initiative.

Leon James is an artist. He specialises in theatre and drama. He is trained by Acting School of India and prestigious Indianostrum, Pondicherry. He has been working with children for several years and uses his unique methods of teaching drama. He has been a part of the judging panel of the Drama festival for children held in Coimbatore for two consecutive years.He is also a musician who plays around 10 exotic instruments such as Kalimba, African Djimbe, Ukulele, Guitar, Keyboard and so on.He has conducted workshops on clay making, sculpting and mask making all over India including the Andaman Islands. He is also trained by the famous Sesame Street (India) on the art of puppet making and performing.

Deepika Arwind is a theater-practitioner and writer based in Bangalore. Her work includes Nobody Sleeps Alone (2013-2014) and a Brief History of Your Hair (March 2016). She is acted in several plays with directors such as Anmol Vellani and Preetam Koilpillai. She was awarded the Toto Funds the Arts Creative Writing Award in 2011 and the Lavanya Sankaran Fellowship at the Sangam House Writers' Residency (2011). She was nominated for The Hindu Metroplus Playwright (2013) and has, most recently, attended the New Visions/New Voices Playwright's Intensive at the Kennedy Centre, Washington DC with her play One Dream Too Many (12+).

Sakshi Singh is an international journalist and an author. Her articles have appeared in various International publications including The Bristol Post. Her book Rat-a-tat poems is available in India and Europe and is used to teach poetry in schools across U.K. Jalebi Jingles her second book of poems as launched recently at The London Book Fair

Vikramjit is a Heritage Activist turned Digital Marketing guru. He is founder of Youth for Heritage Foundation and Delhi Heritage Photography Club. Vikramjit is known for spreading the love for heritage through poetry and theatre. He also developed courses for Corporate, which help management learn lessons from past and avoid mistakes that kings have been doing when it comes to team management. His poetic rendition of Delhi’s evolution has been very popular among his followers. He also runs the  Youth for Heritage Foundation, Delhi Heritage Photography Club, Heritage Durbar and