Adult Workshops - 6th August

Workshop Fee: Rs. 500

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Discovering your own Poetics - A Poetry Appreciation Workshop

Mani Rao

From writing 'under the influence' of the poet/s you're lately reading to finding your own distinct voice ... just how does this happen? In this 1 hour-45 minute session, poet Mani Rao will look closely at the poetic styles of a range of poets and discuss/appreciate aspects of craft and the distinct characteristics of their poetics.

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Arun Kamal

In this 1 hour-45 minute interactive session, award-winning poet Arun Kamal will introduce the use of imagery, metaphors and symbols in poetry writing. He will discuss meter and rhythm and the making of a prose poem. Writing exercises during this workshop will boost the creative urge in aspiring poets.

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Poem Vs. Song

Niranjan Iyengar

While both poetry and songs are lyrical and rhythmic, not every song can be read as a poem and not every poem can be set to music. Well-known film lyricist and poet Niranjan Iyengar will take you through a 1 hour-45 minute interactive session on the differences between the two forms, with some written exercises thrown in to help you experience first-hand the nuances of poetry writing and songwriting.

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Spoken Word Poetry

Rochelle D'Silva

In this 1 hour-45 minutes interactive session performance poet Rochelle D'Silva will introduce the elements required to create a spoken word poem. Through videos and writing exercises she will focus on what it takes to write a performance poem. The workshop will also touch upon basics of poetry writing.

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